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Massage Oil's
Headache Relief Oil You will feel the tension slipping from your body when you gently massage this oil into your shoulders, neck or temples at the onset of a headache

15ml - $4.75
30ml - $8.25

PMS & Cramp Comfort Oil or...where have you been all of my life oil *g*
This wonderful blend will help ease the discomfort (read,'suffering') before, during and after your cycle.

15ml - $4.75
30ml -$8.25

Sensual Massage Oil You've used all the above oils and have no headache, no PMS and your body looks great! Now it's time to light a few candles, warm some of this delectable oil and enjoy the evening with your partner.
The heavenly aroma of vanilla, orange, and patchouli combined to provide you with a seductive scent. Can be used for massage or a perfume oil.

4oz - $9.00

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