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Herbal Healing Products
Healing Balm A soothing balm that can be used from head to toe.
Speeds the healing of damaged cells and quickly eases pain.
Made from the combined strength of three of nature's wonders,
Plantain, Comfrey and St.Johns Wort.

2oz - $9.00
4oz - $16.00

Herpes Healing Salve A formulation made exclusively for the treatment and pain of herpes sores.

1oz - $4.50
2oz - $8.00

Nature's Afterbite Contains chickweed, St. johns wort oil and frankincense to relieve insect stings, bites and rashes.
Convenient roll on bottle.

10ml - $5.50

Zit Zapper A more natural approach to combating acne. Made with witch hazel, lavender and lemon essential oils in a convenient roll on bottle.

10ml - $5.25

St.Johns Wort Salve This wonderful herb is the first one I reach for to stop the pain of a burn. It promotes rapid healing of the skin and prevents infection. Studies of people with severe burns have shown that St.Johns Wort oil has significantly reduced scarring and substantially quickened healing time.
It has also been effective when massaged into sore achy joints.

2oz - $9.00
4oz - 16.00

Calendula Cream Calendula is astringent, antibacterial, and antiseptic.
It is used in many combinations in many of our products.
On its own, it is a ideal cream in the treatment of eczema and severely dry, cracked hands.

2oz - $9.00
4oz - $16.00

After Sun Healing Mist A light water based spritzer with the cooling touch of aloe vera.

4oz - $5.00
8oz - $8.50

Liniment Wrap This time-proven blend of comfrey leaves, hops and rosemary will aid to reduce swelling, stiffness and pain due to arthritic joints, sore muscles and rheumatism.

2 wraps - $7.50

Bug Off! Insect Repellent Living in the Haliburton Highlands, we quickly found that we had to develop an effective bug repellent that even the black flies would think twice about!
All natural, NO deet!

4oz spray - $8.00

Flea Repellent (for pets) Convenient spray formula containing pennyroyal.
Fleas hate it, pets love it!
**Caution, due to pennyroyal's ability to stimulate uterine contractions, do not use around pregnant females.
The four legged kind as well as the two.

8oz - $7.50

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