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Face & Lip Care
Chamomile Night Cream Moisturizing face cream with a kiss of chamomile.
Also available in Lavender.

2oz - $5.00
4oz - $9.00

Lavender Toning Spritz A refreshing facial toner.Great for those hot summer days!

4oz - $5.00
8oz - $9.00

Squalane Lotion
Squalane is steam distilled from olive oil. It is soft, silky and non-greasy to the touch. It is structured much the same as Vitamin A. Vitamin A being one of the main nutrients necessary for healthy skin. Because Squalane oil is so fine, it is absorbed deep into the skin very quickly. It has a natural affinity to the skin because it is one of the components of human sebum. It has been found that as we age our skin produces less squalane; one of the reasons our skin ages. Squalane also acts as a natural barrier to hold moisture in our skin. The loss of the skins ability to retain water is what opens the door to age lines and dry rough skin. The effectiveness of Squalane has been approved in medical treatments in Japan where it has been widely studied since 1930.

4oz Lotion - $10.00

Matcha Green Tea Cream
Matcha Green Tea contains high amounts of Polyphenols, Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCg) and Xanthines which are can protect the skin from aging and from serious damage from the suns UVB rays. Xanthines include Caffeine and Theobromine which have natural anti-inflammatory, anti-cellulite and anti-irritancy effects.

2oz - $7.25

Clay Facial Mask Kit Give yourself a luxurious spa treatment in the comfort of your own home!
Each kit contain's what you need to give yourself a deep cleansing, rejuvenating facial. Each kit will contain enough pre-mix for about 3 applications accompanied by simple instructions on mixing and applying.

BC Glacial Clay - A balancing and toning clay that is used at fine spas worldwide. It has the ability to absorb oils without drying out the skin.
Kaolin - The mildest of all clays. It stimulate's circulation to the skin while gently exfoliating and cleansing. Great for dry skin types.
Redmond - Suitable for normal to oily skin. Will not irritate sensitive skin types
Each Kit - $9.50

Herbal Face Sauna A unique blend of botanicals to cleanse, soften and soothe the face. Available in oily - combination or gentle cleansing formula.

Each kit contains enough for 6 or more facial saunas.

All Natural Lip Balms All our lip products are made from a blend of natural beeswax to moisturize, botanical oils to heal, and delicious flavourings of your choice.
Chocolate mint, banana, blackberry, black cherry, vanilla, raspberry and of course natural.
6ml - $2.50
More products to pamper yourself with coming soon!

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