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Body & Bath
Shea & Mango Body Butter
An all over moisturizing cream joined with the invigorating scent of mango.

2oz - $6.00

Body Oil A rich blend of oils that will make your senses tingle!
Great for after a bath or shower when skin is still damp.

4oz - $6.50
8oz - $11.50

Botanical Body Spray's A refreshing, rejuvenating body spray for those long hot summer days! Comes in two 'flavours'.

Summer Breeze - orange, patchouli,and clary united in a floral water base.
Meadow Mist - rosemary, ylang ylang,and juniper.
Both summer must have's!

4oz - $5.00
8oz - $9.00

Look for bath salts, bath bombs
and other botanical bath products coming soon!

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